MN Própolis provides solutions in products’ development and high quality standard for more than 34 years.

The development of products may be based in formulations and technologies suggested by the clients themselves, or they can be developed by MN Própolis’ Research and Development team, offering the clients the technologies available, tuning to the clients’ specific needs.

Here are some of the technologies available:

  1. Vacuum dehydration at low temperatures
  2. Freeze-drying (lyophilization)
  3. Dehydration at high temperature
  4. Powder filling process
  5. High or low stickiness liquids filling process
  6. Tea Sachet filling process
  7. Powder compression (tablets’ shape)
  8. Lamen manufacture
  9. Sauce manufacture
  10. Vegetal extracts manufacture
  11. Extraction under high pressures
  12. Alcoholic products’ distillation, rectification and demethylation
  13. O.E.M. bee products’ manufacture