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MN Própolis

Established in 1992, with the aim of providing a healthy and joyful life, MN Própolis gears its activities towards research, development and manufacturing of healthy and functional foods.

MN Própolis is a Brazilian company, based in Mogi das Cruzes city, state of São Paulo, and has become a benchmark in national and overseas market, reaching countries such as Japan, China, France, Germany, USA, Canada, Turkey and Malaysia. The company stands out in healthy and functional food manufacturing with high-technology, using natural and organic raw materials.

Read about our history:

  • Establishment
  • Establishment of MNH – Organic Apiculture Research Center. This is the first Brazilian apiary with IBD organic certificate (Biodynamic Institute).
  • We began the extra fine organic alcohol production, so far unique in Brazil. The organic alcohol is used in the manufacturing of organic products made from propolis, as well as by the organic food and cosmetics industry.
  • The production of food extract under high pressure was started, with a technology never used in Brazil before. This process enables the total transformation of foods into fluid extracts, without losing its properties by the lack of oxidation of the active substances, and without using any chemical additives.
  • We started the development of the technique of vacuum concentration for propolis and vegetables extracts.
  • We introduced the research of freeze-drying dehydration, named Lyophilization. The technique consists in the dehydration of the food without deteriorating its nutritional properties.
  • We obtained the International Certification GMP/BPF (Good Manufacturing Practices). This certification states that MN Própolis works with the best manufacturing practices and delivers full security and efficiency of the products. It’s important to point out that we are the first bee products’ company to receive this certification.
  • MN Group has grown and we established MN Food, food service specialized in Japanese cuisine, in particular pasta and sauce, such as Shoyu and Misso. From this project, two new business ventures: MN Lamen, lamen based restaurant, and MN Domburi, varied Japanese cuisine.
  • We rolled out the first Brazilian Organic Misso certified by IBD. Made from organic soy and organic rice, following the millennial Japanese tradition.

Having as our motto Quality and Reliability, with innovative spirit, MN Própolis values a sustained and ecologically correct development, always offering to its clients a healthier life, with products that promote quality of life.

Our address

Rua Tenente Onofre Rodrigues de Aguiar, 820 - Vila Industrial
08770-041 - Mogi das Cruzes - SP

Check how to get to MN Própolis

Telephone: (+55 11) 4790-4600
FAX: (+55 11) 4699-1988