Corporate Philosophy

MN Group follows the Japanese Business Philosophy Seiwajyuku, developed by Dr. Kazuo Inamori, that covers subjects regarding life and work. And within this philosophy, MN Group engage with health and joy in the search of new industrial clusters, seeking for a unique and exclusive enterprise, struggling without measuring efforts to contribute to society’s welfare.


Act in a safe and reliable way, being social and environmental responsible with the manufacturing of healthy and functional foods, providing products that promote our consumer’s health.


Be a reference in the manufacturing of foods that promote population’s health, by means of technology, compliance and reliability.


  • Commitment to consumers;
  • Client’s satisfaction;
  • Higher quality;
  • Ethics and transparency.


Strive without limits for the search of new niche markets, investing in ground–breaking undertakings.

Prioritize the deployment of high technology, either own development or joint-venture both national and international.

Ensure client’s satisfaction, providing products and services with quality and reliability.

Respect all people, treating everyone with friendship, ethic, honesty and transparency.

Seek all employees’ satisfaction, both material and spiritual.

Assure the use of raw materials and inputs with environmentally friendly procedures, strongly avoiding environmental impacts.

Practice the MOTTAINAI spirit, which consists in the Japanese philosophy to avoid waste and inappropriate consumption, respect the environment, preserve, reuse, recycle, preserving, then, our environment.