Research & Development

With more than 34 years in solutions for food and in production of high quality nutriments, MN Propolis offers development of products on request to the client, based on formulations:

1. Suggested by the client.

2. Developed by the R&D team; offering the client the know-how and technology in processing the food, presenting efficient solutions according to specific needs.


1. Vaccum dehydration: Technology used to dry products which are sensitive to high temperatures and mechanical stress, and viscous liquids with high contents of solid material.

2. Tea packaging in sachets: The herb is packed in sachet of filter paper and then individually packaged in a metallic sealed package.

3. Powder processing in tablets: Powders compacted (dry extracts) to obtain tablets.

4. Functional foods and beverages production.

5. Vegetal extracts production.

MN Propolis also offers a wide range of industrial foods and ingredients which brings high technology applied on its products produced.

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