What is Organic?

Organic foods are those that do not use any chemicals in its composition. The land is treated with animal dung, crop rotation, composting, biological control of diseases and green manure - fresh biomass of plants used for fertilization. They are important foods for health, originating from land free of toxic residues, where the control and proper handling of the soil are made by farmers aware of the relationship of harmony with nature and maintaining the structure of production areas.

The modern inputs: poisons, fertilizers, popularly known as BHC, PCBs, lindane and endossulpan, fruits of high technology of the twentieth century, were found wanting on the quality of life. Diseases and the poisoning of the peasant and the city are real facts that prove that pesticides in general, gradually leads the man to have degenerative diseases that affect the nervous system, increase stress, alter DNA, and may cause mutagenicity, cancer and fetal defect development. The effect of pesticides in food is not felt in daily intake or manipulation, the cumulative is responsible for all the problems of modernity that dominates conventional agriculture.


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